All members of the Infinite Connection Network (“IFC8”) shall agree to abide by the following:

  1. To support fellow members to the fullest extent possible.
  2. To use standard operating, security procedures and payment credit terms between each other (ie. itself and another member), and when possible to use a mutually agreed upon contract, and/or agreement with written confirmation.
  3. To pay all agreed sums that have been invoiced by another member to it within the period as agreed between the members. The remitting member is liable for all bank charges unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Acknowledge that the member who has agreed to be the Destination Agent is responsible for the protection and remittance of all freight collect charges. Granting of credit to a consignee is solely at the risk of the Destination Agent, unless agreed otherwise.
  5. Be accountable for the dealings of its subsidiary and/or parent company and/or associated company with a fellow member even if such subsidiary and/or parent company and/or associated company is not itself a member of IFC8.
  6. To be active in sales endeavors for mutual growth.
  7. To respect other members’ existing customer bases and confidential business data and to refrain from
    back- selling.
  8. To ensure that all quotations provided to other members contain the relevant currency applicable, the transit time, route and choice of shipping line or airline.
  9. To provide other members with bona fide sales leads when possible.
  10. To be adequately staffed in order to ensure the highest level of service and not engage or participate in activities that the member knows or should have known that the movement, contents, or other aspects of the transaction are illegal, by either the importing, exporting or transiting countries’ laws.
  11. To operate in accordance with all stated shipping advice as set out in writing and/or comply with any written agreements/contracts existing between itself and the counterpart member.
  12. To promptly respond to all communications (within 24 hours) from other members and if requested, to quote the rates with full details in writing in a timely manner.
  13. To share profits according to any prior agreement and/or written agency contracts or agreements with another member.
  14. To honor and reimburse any funds/disbursements paid out on a member’s instruction by a fellow member.
  15. To pay all monies due to other IFC8 members promptly.
  16. To inform Infinite Connection Pte Ltd (“Infinite Connection”)of any delinquencies by other IFC8 members and to report any dispute, financial or otherwise, involving another IFC8 member.
  17. To keep Infinite Connection informed promptly of any changes to its company name, staff, contact details, and other information as required.
  18. To pay all of Infinite Connection’s invoices promptly. For the avoidance of doubt, all of Infinite Connection’s invoices are due upon receipt via e-mail and an invoice is deemed to have been received by a member on the same day that the e-mail was sent as long as the e-mail does not bounce back. Late payment of more than 30 days from receiving of Infinite Connection’s invoice will not be accepted by Infinite Connection.
  19. To make payment of all of Infinite Connection’s invoices to Infinite Connection via bank transfer only as other payment methods will not be accepted and any bank transfer fees in this connection are to be paid by the member.
  20. To permit Infinite Connection to participate in dispute resolution and the dispute resolution process between itself and another member by providing documentary proof of the relevant facts in any such dispute.