Special Rates on Insurance Premiums

Special Rates on
Insurance Premiums

Custom Solutions
Tailored to Your Needs

Simple, Fast,

InFinite Connection (IFC8) is proud to offer cost-effective cargo insurance designed to fit the unique needs of its member companies.

World Insurance Services, Inc. (WIS), WCAworld’s exclusive risk-management partner, provides members with comprehensive risk-management options tailored to the transportation and logistics industry.

Through leading insurers and underwriters, WIS offers customized insurance solutions that fit the needs of all companies, large or small, at highly competitive rates. As a result, members may save thousands of dollars on insurance premiums under the buying power of the WCAworld Insurance Programs.

WCAworld’s exclusive risk-management partner

Risk-management products:

ForwarderProtect (Freight Liability Insurance)

  • Legal Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Demurrage / Storage / Disposal Coverage on Abandoned Cargo
  • First Dollar Legal Defense

Cargo Insurance

  • Marine Cargo Insurance (Air/Land/Sea)
  • Project Cargo
  • Perishables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Exhibition Cargo
  • High-Value Goods (Fine Art, Specie, Antiques)
  • Stock-Throughputs / Extended Storage


  • Freight Forwarder
  • IBEC
  • FMCSA Freight Broker
  • Customs Bonds for US Customs Brokers


  • Cyber Liability & Cyber Crime Insurance
  • Charterers Liability Insurance
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