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InFinite Connection (IFC8) believes in connecting people through face-to-face business networking. So, the IFC8 Annual Conference is designed to focus on One-on-One meetings and business networking activities for members to get to know each other in a friendly manner.

InFinite Connection (IFC8) aims to help independent freight forwarders generate more excellent value by bringing trustworthy partners worldwide to work together. At our annual conference, members can conduct up to 40 prearranged meetings with reliable agents from around the globe. As a result, you can conduct more business in a single day at the annual conference than in a month of business travel. Attending the IFC8 conference is undoubtedly the most productive way to boost your revenues, expand your company, reach new markets, and raise your company’s global profile.

The InFinite Connection (IFC8) also offers members an opportunity to join the WCA Worldwide conference. With over 3,000 delegates, the WCA Worldwide Conference is unrivaled in terms of participation, the number of business meetings, the recent transactions developed, and the formation of long-lasting relationships.

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