RonSped Worldwide S.r.l.

, Genoa, Italy
ID: 96465
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Proudly Enrolled Since: Oct 31, 2017

Membership Expires : Apr 30, 2025

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RonSped Worldwide Srl, is an Italian longstanding freight forwarding company, since 1955. Our headquarters are in Genova, Italy main port of north west Italy. Although small, our company has developed high quality gear of services that meet the challenges of the market. RonSped Worldwide Srl is a supply and distribution chain leader. We offer services LCL/LCL and FCL/LCL marine transport for many Italian retailers and distributors. We have high qualified staff that can also provide : Air transport - with express or regular airfreight service. We can also provide Charter flights at the need, providing also handling and cargo surveying. Shipment handling expediting and packing services - In case your customer needs to evaluate these type of services, We are able to take care for their EXW shipments with expediting and packing services. We cooperate and supervise with packing companies. We choose the most close, accurate and economic solution for your customers. Project cargo - We pride to cooperate and study transport feasibility for many Italian companies to have their shipments heavy and oversize safely delivered onboard. Our personnel is trained to follow-up and survey in order to reduce the risks and make sure shipments are handled properly. Fairs and exhibitions - We are aware how important these Events are for the participants. For this simple reason, we can provide professional and punctual assistance to your customers with on time deliveries and handling of onsite costs. Special handling cargo - Hazardous and IMO Class, fresh and frozen goods (pharmaceutics and food) as valuable cargo shipments that may require special handling are processed and handled by our personnel, in compliance to the international CMR, IMO and IATA-DGR rules. At RonSped Worldwide, we can handle your shipments out of Italy and we follow up your sales leads and guarantee neutrality and reciprocal cooperation to develop business on both sides. Our staff is at your complete disposal.
Uffici Piazza Della Vittoria 7/2,
16121, Genova, Italy

Contact Details:
+39 01 0570 2092
+39 01 0574 0048
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