Effitrans S.A.

, Dakar, Senegal
(Dakar, Head Office)
ID: 93972
WCAworld Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
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[ Dakar ]
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Proudly Enrolled Since: Oct 31, 2019

Membership Expires : Oct 30, 2024

Association / Certificate / License
Effitrans S.A is an international freight forwarding company and a certified customs broker in Senegal (West Africa). Senegal is among the most stable countries of the West African region with very strong institutions. Its geographical location and its political stability made Senegal in the circle of the most industrialized countries of the region. Many multinational companies, part government-owned and private institutions settled their regional headquarters in Dakar to allow them to operate safely with the other West African countries. Effitrans collaborate with companies throughout the world in these Fields: -Customs clearance -Emergency Medical supply delivery -Emergency raw materials delivery -Emergency parts delivery -Handling -Land transportation -Air cargo -Storage -Package shipping -Moving -Groupage -Sensitive products (Medicines perishable goods, chemical products pets) -Warehousing -Supply chain Management -Projects We are very proud to be a well-respected Senegalese company that is trusted by our local customs authorities for giving great services to our customers in ethics and respect of the regulations. We offer a service of excellence to our customers whose products require special diligence (dangerous goods, spare parts for aircraft (AOG), factory and mining parts, reagents, medicines, perishable products, Oil and Gaz). We offer you end-to-end services ranging from pickup, air freight, ocean freight (FCL / LCL), customs clearance, storage, delivery and handling. Our head office is composed of skilled collaborators who have studied in western countries (England, France, USA, Canada) and have experience in multinational companies throughout the world. We handle operations and projects in West African countries like Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Guinne-Bissau, Guinne-Conakry, Ghana etc. We are also very familiar with EFE regime and titles of exemption processing because many of our clients are duty exempted. We are very confident that Effitrans S.A will offer the best quality of service that will meet your high standards.
Lot 10/2 Voies Liberte 6,
Ponty, Dakar, Senegal

P.O. Box: 32372,
Dakar, Senegal

Contact Details:
+221 33 867 0267
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