IFS - International Freight Shipping S.A.C.

, Lima, Peru
(Lima, Head Office)
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Membership Expires : Jul 18, 2024

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International Freight Shipping S.A.C. (IFS) was founded in 2000, and Today, IFS Group is the 5th largest forwarders in Peru. IFS's mission is Ethics, Honesty, and Respect, and IFS focuses on responsive operations, web based access to information, and strong local sales. With over 20 dedicated sales people, the most of any forwarder in Peru, IFS has grown steadily year after year. IFS routes over 80% of its shipments and has over 1400 active loyal customers and partners. As one of the leading freight forwarders in Peru, IFS offers full range of domestic and international logistics services. Our head office is in the business district of Miraflores, and our airfreight office at the Airport Cargo Center in Callao. With more than 100 employees, we cover all logistic needs such as air, sea, trucking, insurance, storage, charters, project cargo, dangerous goods, customs clearance, and much more. IFS is a member of BASC, and has received numerous national awards of excellence in recent years, both by Professional Business Associations and the People Choice Award of Peru. Most important to IFS is the recognition of its longstanding loyal and dedicated customers and partners. We welcome you as a part of our Family. For more information please visit our website http://www.ifssac.com and we are happy to answer any additional questions.
Av. Dos de Mayo 420,
Lima 15074, Peru

Contact Details:
+511 706 2828
+511 706 2829
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