, Paris, France
(Paris, Head Office)
ID: 138282
WCAworld Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
[ Paris ]
* Only the above offices are covered and protected under the GM member to member financial protection.
Please remember that Companies with non-enrolled offices in the vicinity of places of origin, or final destination of shipment(s) are NOT covered by WCAworld Gold Medallion Plan for those specific shipments.

Proudly Enrolled Since: Aug 29, 2016

Membership Expires : Aug 28, 2024

Association / Certificate / License
Italfreight: Your French Partner - Import & Export via Sea or Air Freight, Customs agent, all continents, all locations, all products! From general cargoes to dangerous goods, Italfreight’s Services are personalized for each client: An adaptive shipping service that will meet your needs. Thanks to a network of 170 authorized agents, packages are guaranteed door-to-door or airport-to-airport worldwide. Italfreight takes care of deliveries in France and in Europe. Complete orders tracking from your providers for both import and export either by air or by sea. Warehousing services is optimized (organization, consolidation and deconsolidation). The two co-founders, Chairman Thierry Coppi and Director Anne Candela, constantly look after their clients to offer them the best service and advice. Services are personalized with a sole interlocutor helped by 12 specialized employees following up from scratch our collaboration with you to create dynamism and flexibility in the process and our relationship. Negotiated prices at the best rates with most reliable airlines and shipping companies. Quality services - Italfreight’s reliability and flexibility are rewarded by loyalty of our clients. Some of them maintain this relationship for more than decades. Goods transportation license: 2009/11/0002969 Freight forwarder license: n° dc 110400402 Transportation license: n° dm 110400396 Dangerous goods IATA certification (Class 1 to 9) Customs approval n°5190
BP 16179

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+33 1 74 25 2491
+33 1 74 25 2494
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