Universal Logistics FZE

, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Dubai, Head Office)
ID: 101716
WCAworld Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
United Arab Emirates
[ Dubai ]
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Proudly Enrolled Since: Sep 08, 2016

Membership Expires : Sep 07, 2024

Association / Certificate / License
UNIVERSAL Logistics FZE is a freight forwarding company that has been established and incorporated within the Free Zone in Dubai, with strong partner agent across the globe. The company's strategic presence within the Dubai Airport Free Zone is envisaged to serve and facilitate the prompt and efficient movement of high value goods from the UAE to almost any commercial destination in the world. The company's bespoke facilities within the DUBAI Airport Free zone (DAFZ), have hoisted the organization to an enviable platform from where the company is able to guarantee and assure premium level of service to its clients. UNIVERSAL Logistics FZE is a privately run organization whose prime objection is to offer the highest quality of customer service possible. Our aim is build an amicable and professional relationship with our customer(s), This is one of the contributory factors as to why we have set up our premises in the prime locality and invested into the infrastructure of handling high value goods. The organization's mission is to provide its customers with a secure, reliable and turnkey offering in the world of freight handling and forwarding. Our mission statement is aptly summarized by our belief and uncompromising commitment in "Security, Integrity and Reliability; in essence, our way". Our vision is to promote integrity, innovative services and an environment of trust. We pride ourselves in our flexibility to offer tailored service solutions to match our customer’s dynamic business needs. We are also keen to promote our standards, but nonetheless important services. With the inherent attributes detailed below, we are pleased to deliver an environment where our clients can simply continue trading whilst we deliver a seamless solution to freight inspection, handling and forwarding • Secure Transportation We organize secure transportation using industry recognized and highly reputed transportation companies. These companies adhere to our strict Insurance requirements and provide a professional road freight service in transporting goods within mainland Europe and from China to ship them worldwide. • Insurance UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS FZE has an unparalleled marine open cover for valuable cargo. Our policy includes worldwide to worldwide cover. Our policy enables our clients to insure cargo from almost anywhere in the world. For a precis of our policy we can be contacted for more information. • Stock Management With a turnkey offering, it is proposed that we convey all value added services of the goods (e.g. Inspection, IMEI, scanning etc.) at source, so that follow up reports can be faxed to potential clients, thus facilitating prompt payments once goods have arrived at the destination. In situations where this is not practical, a mirror offering of the services at our worldwide agent's premises can also achieve similar results. For any further information pertaining to our services offering or about our organization please do not hesitate to contact us.
Warehouse K-03/04,
Dubai Airport Free Zone,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

P.O. BOX: 54518,
Dubai, U.A.E

Contact Details:
+971 4 299 8511
+971 4 299 8522
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