Infinite Protection

Being protected is essential in any business transactions as it minimizes risks and shields you from suffering major losses. Our Protection Plan is a value added service for members to fall back on in the event of insolvency and bankruptcy. This acts as a safety net for members. All members are automatically covered by this member benefit upon paying the membership fee for the relevant membership year. A member making a claim must be in good standing and must have held membership for at least 6 months before they are eligible to make a claim.

Informing InFinite Connection (IFC8) about the claim at the earliest time is essential to the process. The total claimable sum per debtor is USD30,000. The claims will be paid out on a first-come-first-served basis until the USD30,000 ceiling is reached.

With this safeguard feature, members can conduct businesses with each other in a safe and reliable environment.

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Annual Conference

InFinite Connection (IFC8) believes in connecting people through face-to-face business networking meetings. A conference will be held yearly. The conference will consist of one-to-one meetings and business networking activities for members to get to know one another. Attending annual conferences is a cost saving and effective method of meeting new global partners.

With one-to-one business meetings being conducted for members to meet potential members from across the world, InFinite Connection (IFC8) has a scheduler for members to prearrange meetings with members they would like to meet with. These business meetings will help increase visibility of the member’s company profile to other members whom they can grow business. At the meeting, there will also be sharing of industry knowledge, market conditions, and ideas which will bring about positive contribution and value to the industry.

InFinite Connection (IFC8) – the freight forwarding networking organization bringing freight forwarders together to generate greater value by working together.

All World Shipping (AWS)

AWS is a globally focused, U.S based NVOCC licensed by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and registered with the Ministry of Transportation in China. With 2,500+ authorised agents operating in 160 countries, All World Shipping Corp. is the largest agency group in the world. They provide its agents with a globally accepted online House Bill of Lading (HBL) and mandated Customs services such as AMS (U.S.) and AFR (Japan) filing for FCL and LCL ocean shipments.

Utilizing industry leading ocean carriers, AWS works with its agents to secure competitive ocean freight rates. This will allow IFC8 members to focus on what they do best – providing service that the large multinationals are unable to offer. IFC8 members can join AWS for free. Please go to for more information.

Alert Report

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IFC8 takes late payments seriously. When we receive information from members on any late paying members, we will investigate. Alert Report is a simple monthly report whereby members submit and supply the list of debtors for 31, 61, 91 days and above to IFC8. This report will allow us to inform all members on possible credit risks when working with a fellow member. And will also allow IFC8 to assist in the chasing of the payment at the request of the creditor (member). If a delinquent member goes unreported, it can lead to more and more members getting caught in similar payment issues with that delinquent member. So, this report will help in keeping credit risk in the network to a minimum.

News Updates

We believe it is important to provide our members with current updates on any activity in the network affecting our members. Our news updates will include newly joined, resigned and terminated members, news, feedbacks, and any other relevant information about members.

InFinite Connection (IFC8) takes late payments seriously. When we receive information from members on any late paying members, we will investigate. If the information is proven accurate, the late paying or nonpaying members will receive a warning from the network, and the network members will be notified via a news update. All members are encouraged to be vigilant and take responsibility to notify the network of any members who has defaulted on payments.

The network also encourages members to send in any interesting articles, videos or any other resources worth sharing with fellow members. Learning is a continuous process and market intelligence helps one to understand the trends of the industry.

InFinite Connection (IFC8) will also take an active role in getting feedback from the members. Having our ear on the ground helps us to continually do better and not to take anything for granted. We exist to create a logistics network worthy of our members’ commitment.

Freight Insurance

As an integrated feature of our collaboration with the largest networking organization for freight forwarders, InFinite Connection (IFC8) provides members cost effective LEGAL LIABILITY insurance through Worldwide Insurance Services (WIS). By insuring your business, you have safeguarded it for any potential claims that may occur in any unforeseen circumstances.

Worldwide Insurance Services can offer depth of coverage and low cost premiums for independent freight forwarders.

A thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the member’s insurance needs will be available upon request from InFinite Connection (IFC8). Customized products and quotes will then be prepared according to the member’s requirements.

CARGO INSURANCE is essential to protect your customers’ interests for the value of their cargo. By insuring the customer’s cargo, it gives a peace of mind to both customer and freight forwarder.  Please visit for more information.

Freight Deadbeats

As part of a WCA integrated feature, InFinite Connection (IFC8) offers members a collection service for recovery of bad debts through Freight Deadbeats, which provides an online database of companies whom have proven to be deceptive, delinquent or are serial non-payers.

Freight Deadbeats has “Special Alerts” lists of companies that have used false information in their communications or have been bad payees. The lists also include delinquent shippers and consignees.

These lists have protected the logistics industry from harmful companies.

InFinite Connection (IFC8) will deliver immediate and up to date listings of newly listed unreliable freight forwarders to its members to protect our members from any harmful companies with a bad track record in the logistics industry.

For members, please click here to view the full list of delinquent debtors.

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Customized Gifts

Customised Gifts

InFinite Connection (IFC8) understands the importance of corporate branding. We provide our valued members a customization of merchandise for the annual meeting. Our innovative range of merchandise are reviewed regularly to match with the latest market trend and demand and will help members achieve their corporate identity, branding and marketing strategy.

Don’t ship all those brochures, shirts, bags, pens or any other corporate merchandise! Let us do it for you at the conference. Members can request for a range of merchandise they are interested in and our support team will give a quotation for the respective products. Our pricing for customization is highly competitive. The custom-made merchandise will be available for collection at the start of the meeting, making it easy for them to be distributed to members.

UPS Program

Through our affiliation with WCA, US members of IFC8 will be able to enjoy discounted rates with UPS courier services across all destinations. The program offers discounts of up to 60% on standard retail pricing and boasts significant cost-saving margins for member companies, which can be used for domestic, international, and import packages that weigh 150 pounds or less. This program is free for IFC8 US members only.

Container xChange

Customised Gifts

IFC8 and xChange Proudly Announce New Partnership Enabling Freight Forwarders to Lease, Buy and Sell Containers.

This newly established partnership with Container xChange will provide IFC8 members discounted access to source containers in 2500+ locations around the globe. In addition to discounted access to the platform, this partnership will broaden IFC8 market visibility while providing members a competitive advantage in the container booking “competition”.

Members may use the platform to find new partners and manage end-to-end container logistics operations, including services like payment handling, trading buyer protection, container tracking premium, and wallet management. Through xChange, members gain greater market transparency, avoid demurrage & detention charges and enhance operational flexibility.