IFC8 4th Annual Conference

Foster success for years to come! Our conference is more than a meeting. It is an excellent time to make connections, develop vital business collaborations and learn about valuable resources for best-practices.

In a world where technology makes it easy to “meet” virtually, there’s no substitute for the real thing – meeting face to face. In-person meetings are important to building lasting relationships and driving revenue for companies. At the conference, there are opportunities for members to mix and mingle, form new relationships and businesses, and strengthen existing ones. The 1-to-1 meetings are excellent opportunities for making personal connections with the next strategic business partner or agent.   Attending the conference is also cost and time effective as members are able to meet numerous freight forwarding members from all over the world, in a span of a few days.

Members will be able to use the industry-leading One-on-One meeting scheduler as their primary tool to find and schedule meetings with reliable partners. And use our phone app to keep track of meeting schedule.

Our 4th Annual conference will take place on November 13th to 15th 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand – the land of a thousand smiles.

Take this time to represent your organization, market your services and create mutually beneficial and committed business relationships. Don’t miss this, if not your competitor could be sitting in your seat.

Register now to discover the business opportunities and the synergy of IFC8!

Register now to discover the business opportunities and the synergy of IFC8!

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